VIBMEC current activities include:

  • NVH optimization consulting, such as: vibration isolation, component strength optimization, failure modes, resonance frequency shifting;
  • root cause analysis on mechanical components and mechanical structures;
  • design, verification and Finite Element validation of fixtures for shaker tests. Fixture manufacturing, if not performed by the customer, can be done by partner manufactures in short time;
  • experimental modal analysis, which can be carried out both in our laboratory or at the customer’s site. Vibration modes can be found by experiments performed with shaker or impact hammer excitation; operational modal analysis is performed when input force cannot be measured;
  • shaker vibration tests, on one or more axes by rotating fixtures and/or slip table;
  • vibration tests with climatic chamber, for thermal/vibration stress coupling (temperature and humidity control);
  • material and component tests in climatic chamber;
  • on site measurements, using VIBMEC equipment;
  • support for design and commissioning of sensors for diagnostics and monitoring.